Mygo Hawaii is a concept company that specializes in traditional Thai pants. It is the brainchild of Ran. Who since 2005 has perfected not only the design of the pants, but also its fabrications.
This is all happening in the hawaiian paradise that inspired ran to go with his own ideas for fun functional clothing and accessories.

Comes in a large variety of garment dyed solid colors, tie dye and embroidered designs.
Our Items list includes shorts, long pants, bags, sarongs and t-shirts as well.
Although the traditional Thai pants have been done before, It has been revolutionized by Mygo Hawaii.
It is a most versatile garment that allows great freedom in movement and is used in many activities like yoga, rock climbing, just lounging or even for maternity. Being that it is one size fits all type of garment.
We also carry children's, petite, and XXL sizes.
It is becoming not just a fashion staple here, but also from those from other countries, such as Japan, Germany, England, New Zealand and Australia.